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Stoneworth Building Products has established itself as one of the premier roof tile manufacturers in the entire Midwest. Located in Shawnee, KS, Stoneworth is focused on quality, customer service and flexibility. Stoneworth is dedicated to providing aesthetically pleasing products to enhance, protect and preserve residential and commercial structures.


Stoneworth offers a wide range of standard colors and blends. Visit our in-house showroom and marvel at the endless possibilities of colors that are available to create your custom roof.


Our policy at Stoneworth is no job is too small or too big. Our customers range from Do-It-Yourself homeowners building outdoor pizza ovens to general contractors building 324-unit apartment complexes. Our goal is to handle every job with the utmost care and provide the end user a roof tile that meets their expectations.


Stoneworth has been awarded the highest quality standard available for roof tile manufacturers. The International Code Council (ICC) is the United States’ leader in evaluating building products for compliance with building codes across the nation. In passing and receiving our ICC certification, this allows Stoneworth to provide roof tile to any municipality throughout the entire country. See our quality award under the “Specifications” tab.


We founded Stoneworth on the simple principle that we must always exceed our customers’ expectations. This philosophy permeates through all of our activities, from initial contact and product development, to manufacturing and delivery.


We invite you to consider the long lasting benefits of roof tiles for your home or your building. It is your desire that fuels our capabilities.


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