This classic, flat smooth tile achieves an Old World look and appeals to a clean architectural style.
The unique center groove in the Bristol profile conveys the true look of smaller individual tiles, and implies the backbone characteristic of English Regency architecture.
This tile has two distinct surfaces: the smooth side on the left and the brushed side on the right. This style creates texture on the roof, and gives a dimension unlike other roofing options.
This smooth tile with the crafted notching provides a staggered shadow line. This look creates the image of additional surfaces reminiscent of the London borough for which it is named.
The Nottingham profile combines the best of multiple surfaces (smooth and brushed), a notch in the lower section of the tile and a groove to delineate the surfaces.
The elegance of original Italian design is captured precisely with this barrel tile. Its style lasts forever, and enhances any structure with a flow harkening to the waterways of Venice.

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